New ASUU leadership inaugurated

By By Michael McFall

By Michael McFall

When Jon Hayes first stepped foot onto the U campus five years ago for a high school “science day,” he wasn’t sure what the gigantic, unfamiliar place would have in store for him. When Patrick Reimherr first arrived at the U as a freshman, he too said he did not feel like he had a place to belong-a spot in the U to call home.

“ASUU has completely changed all of that,” Reimherr said.

Reimherr and Hayes were sworn into office as president and vice-president of the Associated Students of the University of Utah, respectively, on April 24, at the Rice-Eccles Stadium tower. Reimherr and Hayes thanked former President Spencer Pearson and Vice-President Basim Motiwala, as well as their administration, for all of their hard work and dedication, noting that that they would be “a tough act to follow.”

Madison Warren was sworn in as the new senior class president, and Chief of Staff Yevgeniya Kopeleva, the ASUU Senate, General Assembly and executive cabinet were also inaugurated.

ASUU Chief Justice Adam Reiser administered the oaths of office. Each candidate swore to uphold the ASUU constitution and fulfill their responsibilities assigned to them.

Some of those responsibilities will include continuing the initiatives of last year’s administration. Motiwala highlighted the Graduation Guarantee advising program, elimination of the textbook sales tax and allocating $50,000 toward new recycling and sustainability programs as a few of many batons he and Pearson are passing on.

In his closing remarks, Pearson shared that although the job of leading ASUU is an anonymous one, since he said the average student does not know his or Motiwala’s names, at the end of their term Reimherr and Hayes’ reward will be their knowledge that they made a difference on campus for students.

In a meeting prior to the inauguration, Motiwala said he also wanted the new leaders to know that a year from now they will feel terrible because they know they have to leave ASUU behind.

Reimherr and Hayes said they are looking forward to the challenges in the year ahead.

“Success is the culmination of failures,” Reimherr said. “We will make mistakes, but we will always do what’s best for the students.”

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