Hole in the wall: Your humble abode

By By Trevor Hale

By Trevor Hale

Although it might look like a run-of-the-mill junk store, Abode is anything but.

Located in what appears to be an otherwise vacant lot next to an emissions and inspection business on the corner of 900 East and 1700 South, the little blue building is full of treasures of all kinds.

It’s part antique store, part arts and crafts and all amazing. Not only does the store have an astonishing collection of relics from a 1950s “Leave it to Beaver” house, but it also has jewelry and other trinkets from local merchants (i.e. crafty people with extra time and clever ideas).

Having scoured local antique shops, thrift stores and the many other places that strive for the kind of eclectic collection that Abode carries, I can safely say that it’s a one-of-a-kind. For anyone in the market for a retro/vintage way to furnish just about any room in the house, Abode is the only stop you’ll need to make.

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