UVU president appointed as high ed commissioner

By By Jed Layton

By Jed Layton

The Utah State Board of Regents selected William A. Sederburg to be Utah’s new Commissioner of Higher Education early in July.

The commissioner acts as the CEO of the Utah System of Higher Education and helps the Board of Regents ensure that policies and programs are working in the state’s 10 public colleges and universities.

At the time of his appointment, Sederburg was serving as the president of Utah Valley State College and was instrumental in making the transition to a university. He has also served as president of Ferris State University in Michigan and as a Michigan state senator.

Sederburg has many plans for his upcoming tenure, including increasing higher education’s role in the workplace, strengthening research and development, and creating a strong education system from elementary school to the university level.

“It is my intent to work with all parties to create a higher education governance system based on collaboration and innovation,” he said. “I look forward to working with the Regents, the governor, the Legislature and each educational institution to build a positive agenda for strengthening Utah.”

Jed Pitcher, the Board of Regents chair, said Sederburg has a track record for success and will help the academic institutions overcome current and future challenges.

“President Sederburg’s leadership in education, public policy and the community make him uniquely qualified to serve as the next Commissioner of Higher Education,” he said.

U administrators expressed similar feelings about the appointment.

“It will be a positive change,” U President Michael Young said. “He has been in the Legislature and understands that process, which is tremendously important. With him coming in, it creates a champion for higher education.”

David Pershing, senior vice president for academic affairs at the U, worked with Sederburg in education meetings and on various academic issues over the years.

“He has provided strong, clear leadership for UVU, and I expect that he will bring these skills to the role of commissioner,” Pershing said. “He understands that the University of Utah is a very important part of the Utah System of Higher Education, and I believe that he will consult with us on key issues important to the U.”

Sederburg will begin his tenure Aug. 18 and will succeed the recently retired Richard Kendell and Dave Buhler, who has served as Interim Commissioner.

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