Library construction delay shows poor planning

The east entrance of the library is finally slated to reopen in October. The building was originally planned to open in August, but construction was delayed when the building failed to meet code. Violations included narrow bathroom stalls, too few exit lights and doors installed backward, hindering a quick exit in case of emergency.

The east door is only the beginning of the delays. The total library construction was originally planned to be completed in August. The completion date has been pushed back until September 2009.

Although mistakes are bound to happen, mistakes as simple as putting the doors on backward and not installing enough exit lights reveal bad planning on the part of those involved. To be forced to delay already lagging construction because of these oversights is unacceptable.

The library has been an eyesore for more than two years now in what used to be one of the nicer parts of campus. Worse than being visually distracting, the construction has detracted from the purpose of the library. Things are difficult to find, and materials seem scattered and disorganized. By the time the project is finished, almost one entire class will have entered and graduated from the U with a library in chaos.

After the east entrance opens in October, the library will have both exits open for just two months. The west entrance is set to close in December until the second phase of construction ends next year.

The remaining portion of the project should be better thought out. The U and its students can’t afford to drag this construction on longer due to blunders.

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