Police Reports

By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

Gun Theft

A student reported that his $280 automatic rifle was stolen. The victim reported his blue .380 automatic Kel-Tec P-3AT missing to campus police at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

According to a police report, the last time he remembers seeing his rifle was a week and a half ago, after he left it under his driver’s seat when he went to work. However, he was only sure it was missing on Sept. 1, according to the report. There were no signs that the victim’s car had been broken into.

Bike Robbery

A student was pushed off his bike by an unidentified man outside the Stewart Building the morning of Sept. 2. The student’s assailant then stole the bike, a black medium frame Specialized Epic Marathon, and rode off with it. According to a police report, the victim did not get a good look at his assailant, but described him as a tall, white male with curly hair, wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

Stolen Wallet

Thiago Richen, a sophomore majoring in International Studies, had his wallet stolen from the Field House. Richen left the wallet inside his bag, which he left in an open locker while he was working out at the facility Monday afternoon, according to a police report. He didn’t realize his wallet was no longer in his bag until he got back to his dorm at 5:30 p.m.

The missing brown leather wallet contained two credit cards, his California driver’s license, his student ID and $10 in cash. Richen contacted the bank and credit card company to cancel the cards.

“It kind of sucks, but I can’t let it kill me. There wasn’t anything in there that can’t be replaced,” he said. Richen has since bought a new wallet.

Stolen Jazz Amps

On Tuesday afternoon, Geoffrey Miller, an instructor in the U jazz department, reported two amplifiers stolen from Libby Gardner Hall.
Both Roland brand amps are black and grey, and are worth $900 and $1,400 each. They were being stored in Room 190 of Gardner Hall, a room secured by card access. The instructor said he is looking into everyone who accessed the room since he last saw the amps in May.

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