New Year’s resolution: to golf

By By Marco Villano

By Marco Villano

On Jan. 1 of each year, many people make New Year’s resolutions.
Most stick to their goals for a few months, then end up cutting them short, realizing that sticking to one thing for a year is a pain in the ass. Well, not me.

At the stroke of midnight, while celebrating the dawn of a New Year with friends, I had a great idea. Having never made a New Year’s resolution, I decided that I would make one for 2008.

A resolution that would be easy to stick with and maybe even accomplish8212;playing a personal record 50 different golf courses in a calendar year. Sounds easy enough right? Well the Salt Lake Valley is home to about 20 public golf courses, meaning that I would have to venture beyond the valley into the great unknown.

I’ve gone to places such as crazy Utah County, where I had some bizarre experiences on the course this year; St. George, always a golfer friendly town; and the north end of the state, home to some of Utah’s older courses.

The journey was one that I will always remember, mostly because of the huge dent in my wallet, but also because it allowed me to get a true sense of how diverse golf is in Utah.

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