Hinckley Institute a valuable asset to U students

The Hinckley Institute of Politics has raised the bar.

Between conducting a comprehensive U student straw poll, attracting phenomenal speakers, and providing on-site student coverage of the 2008 presidential campaigns, the Hinckley Institute has been busy.

Thanks to the institute, seven students and three teachers from the Cheung Kong School of Journalism at Shantou University plus five students from the U are covering the campaign from the road, starting with the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Denver and St. Paul, Minn. respectively, and hitting several key states such as Virginia, Iowa and Florida. Giving students the opportunity to be so closely involved with the election is impressive.

Aside from the outstanding campaign coverage, the Hinckley Institute’s other efforts are also noteworthy. A link to the online straw poll was e-mailed to more than 20,000 UMail addresses. The poll doesn’t just cover presidential nominee preference, but includes the race for Utah governor, voter registration status and more. On top of the poll, the institute’s e-mail included information on how to register to vote, attached a voter registration card and offers to mail the card if students will take it to the Hinckley Institute office in OSH.

Hinckley forums have attracted informed and interesting speakers ranging from today’s address from former Utah Gov. Olene Walker, to Friday’s address by Le Cong Phung, an ambassador from Vietnam. The opportunity to engage with such prominent figures is unmatched by any group in the state.

The Hinckley Institute is a valuable resource to the U and its students. Aside from participating in the forums, students should visit their Web site (http://hinckley.utah.edu) to learn more about internship opportunities and participate in the straw poll before it ends Thursday. On-site presidential campaign coverage from U students on the campaign trail is also available at www.campaigncoverage08.org.

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