Pappas should show some class


The sexual metaphor used in Nick Pappas’ column (“Team should set its standards higher,” Sept. 24) was offensive and inappropriate.

A person who is inebriated is incapable of giving informed sexual consent. Therefore, the situation Pappas describes, “taking home the dumbest, drunkest girl at the end of the night” to add a notch on your bedpost, would likely be considered rape in a court of law. It’s true that he was arguing mildly against this course of action in the column, but the nonchalance of his description indicated that the only real regret someone should feel after such an episode is that the person didn’t score on the “smartest drunkest girl” instead.

The casualness in which Pappas writes about this end-of-the-night scenario suggests that he has experience with such things. If that is the case, then Pappas should probably keep it to himself because he should be prosecuted.

It is possible to write about sports and still maintain some class. Why not give it a try?

At least for a start, Pappas could simply attempt to refrain from implicitly condoning criminal behavior.

Jason Singer
Alumnus Biology Department