Police Briefs – 9/25

By By Michael McFall

By Michael McFall

Suspicious smell

Campus police suspect a freshman of possessing marijuana. A Resident Adviser in the Gateway Heights Residence Halls called the police Friday when students were complaining about a strong scent of marijuana coming from one of the rooms.

Police and the RA came into the room when the student didn’t answer. They weren’t able to find any marijuana, but did find a rented safe they couldn’t open.

The student was living alone. He used to have a roommate, but the other student moved out because of marijuana use, according to the police report.

Unattended child

A child was left unattended by his mother, Analea Hunt, Thursday night according to the polic report.

Campus police responded to a call that a child was playing alone in the 700 Court playground of the West Village apartments. A neighbor had walked the child back to his home, where she found no parent or babysitter.

The officer arrived to find the child sitting in front of the TV, watching a cartoon. He couldn’t get the child’s attention until he turned it off. When the officer tried to ask the child who his mother is, the child refused to talk about anything but the cartoon. The child didn’t seem to understand the situation or the officer’s questions.

Eventually, the child was given to the grandmother, and campus police arrested the mother for child neglect when she eventually returned home.

Drunk biker

Campus police found an injured 24-year-old male lying on the ground between OSH and Garff Building on Thursday night.

The man was intoxicated and had ridden into a light pole with his bike. Police found a small stash of green marijuana on his person.

Paramedics treated and transported him to the U Hospital. He was combative in response to the help, according to the police report.

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