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By Nick Rosenberger, Staff Writer

There are many different shops where you can buy skis, but how many really excel at customer service? If you want gear and service that will not let you down, then go to The Sport Loft. The owner, Earl Middlemiss, a geologist who decided the most important thing in his life was to follow his passion, has been in business for 36 years.

Before going into the ski equipment business in 1972, Middlemiss was a ski instructor at Alta Ski Area where he would try to explain movements to his students. Unfortunately, his students could not fully understand what he meant as their boots did not fit correctly and were uncomfortable and often too loose. Apparently, wherever his pupils rented or purchased their ski boots from, the employees were just cramming their feet into a boot, unconcerned about comfort. Middlemiss decided that he wanted to help people truly enjoy the sport of skiing, so he opened a shop specializing in boot fitting.

The Sport Loft focuses on performance and comfort with boots. If you go there in search of boots, your feet will get the attention that only an esthetician can offer. Boot fitters begin by measuring the dimensions of your feet and determining which would be the best boot for you. When you purchase your boots they will outfit the footboard ramp and shaft alignment of the boot free of charge. If you need to have the plastic of the boot reshaped there will be a fee.

The Sport Loft employees are experts in orthotics (dealing with splints and braces) with podiatric-grade materials from Sidas Technologies in France. It is the only business in the Western Hemisphere to offer this, said Middlemiss. It also offers orthotics for cycling and running.

“We love challenges when figuring out how to fit someone into a boot,” Middlemiss said.

On a recent trip to The Sport Loft, I observed a man being outfitted whose legs and feet were shaped extremely differently from one another. As I watched, the employees did everything in their power to make his legs and feet comfortable. After the customer was finished he came over to talk to me and said, “These guys here are so incredible. I am in such a unique situation and there is nowhere else that could help me like this. Now I am going to be able to ski so easily!”

Putting anyone in that situation is what The Sport Loft is all about.

“When somebody comes in and decides to get a new boot, I want to make sure that when I am done outfitting them that they will ski better in these boots with less effort,” Middlemiss said.

The Sport Loft also sells an excellent array of skis. Along with the boots, the employees of the store test each model of equipment they sell. If the equipment is not good, they will not carry it. There have even been times when a company is dropped from The Sport Loft’s selection if there is nothing good and picked up again only if a good product comes out.

If you need new boots or skis this season, particularly if you’re looking for a more comfortable and custom-fitting boot, go to The Sport Loft and the dream of comfortable skiing could become a reality this winter.

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Nick Rosenberger

The Sports Loft is one of the top local places to buy Ski equipment. The shop focuses on custom-made boots that offer unique performance and comfort for every customer.