Man drives into fence, claims to be victim

By By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

Campus police arrested Ryan J. Myres early Monday morning after he drove into a U Hospital fence and claimed to be the victim.

At 11 p.m. Sunday night, 24-year-old Myres crashed his Honda into a fence by the hospital’s loading dock, then ran into the emergency room complaining that he had been assaulted, according to the police report.

When an officer arrived, he found Myres wrapped up in blankets on the floor appearing to be going in and out of consciousness. When questioned, he said two men had jumped him from behind at the hospital’s loading dock.

The officer left the building to call dispatch and the fire department.

When he returned, Myres altered his story, claiming that two men jumped him while he was walking into the School of Medicine. According to Myres, they beat him to the ground, stole his tire pressure gauge and struck him with it. He had three round circles on his left forearm, but they appeared to be self-inflicted by the gauge he was still holding.

Myres pretended to be unconscious when the officer tried asking him further questions such as how he got to the hospital.

The fire department arrived at the U Hospital to examine Myres, and decided to pass him on to the ER. His condition and whether or not he was found to be under the influence or mentally ill is private information, said Chantelle Turner, U hospital’s public relations specialist.

“It sure sounds like it was one or the other,” said U Police Capt. Lynn Mitchell in response to Myres behavior.

Officers went looking for him after they heard he had left the ER. They found his car, which had a revoked registration for no insurance, crashed into a fence by the loading dock, and Myres was still wandering outside the ER, claiming he was looking for it.

He was booked into Metro County Jail early Monday morning on charges of hit and run with the fence and criminal mischief.

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