The Word

By Trevor Hale, Red Pulse Editor

Oct. 9, 7 p.m.
Kilby Court (738 Kilby Ct.)

With a name like Starf*****, you’d think these Portland rockers would be an aggressive, leather jacket wearing, mowhawk clad punk rock band. Or at the very least, a terrible nu metal band in the veins of Hinder, singing about sex, girls, drugs and more sex. Neither is the case, unfortunately. Starf***** plays laid back, lo-fi dance tunes that make for pleasant head bobbing or a good late night driving soundtrack. It’s bound to be one of the last enjoyable shows at Kilby Court before the snow falls, making the inside too hot and sweaty to handle and the outside too cold to stand around. Despite the theft of one of the better band names, Starf***** has the potential to be one of the highlights of the ever-growing indie/dance-pop scene.

DJ Jazzy Jeff
Oct. 11, 9 p.m.
Harry O’s (427 Main St. in Park City)

It’s been 20 years since Jeff Townes, the musical half of “DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince,” dominated the airwaves alongside Will Smith, but he’s still at it. While Smith focused on his film and television career, Townes has kept his interests focused solely on making music. Numerous DJs today still cite He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper as an early influence, because it was one of the first major records with a huge focus on the art of being a DJ. DJing consists of way more than just scratching records on a turntable, and Jazzy Jeff is one of the best in the game. Still. His latest album, 2007’s The Return of the Magnificent shows that DJ Jazzy Jeff may have faded into the background a little, but he never left.

Genghis Tron
Oct. 14, 6:30 p.m.
Avalon Theater (3605 S. State Street)

For those that think the current state of metal goes no further than the crappy bands they play on MTV or (occasionally) Radio Chaos, you’ve obviously never heard Genghis Tron. The weirdly stunning electro/grind/metal hybrid these guys are able pull off is just astonishing. From the sound of it, you’d think they’ve got an army of people with a multitude of instruments making all that noise8212;but you’d be wrong. There are only three of them, and yet they manage to cram every second of each song with an array of textures and sounds that will confuse anyone looking for a traditional metal band.