Police Briefs

By By Michael McFall

By Michael McFall

Backpack Thefts

Someone stole two backpacks from the Field House tennis court.

Two students left their backpacks in the cubbies south of the courts Tuesday afternoon. According to the police report, when they returned an hour later, their possessions were missing.

Monday afternoon, someone stole another backpack from a University Campus Store cubby, according to a separate police report.

Can’t Hear Her Now

A student told the U Police Department someone stole her cell phone in the Union Food Court. She said while having lunch with her friends on Tuesday, she left the cell phone on the table and returned five minutes later to find it was gone.

Her friends denied taking the phone, even after U Police got involved.

Although she believes her friends took it, she does not want the police to investigate them. She said it would be more trouble than it’s worth, according to the report.

The student cancelled the phone.

Paint-Faced Robber Nabbed

Salt Lake City Police arrested Marissa Chase and Skylar Munk on Monday for robbing a Subway sandwich shop a block west of the U. Disguised in red, black and white face paint, Chase held up a Subway employee last week at knifepoint. She ran out the door with money from the register to a getaway car, which Munk drove.

The heldup employee was a friend of Chase, who recognized her under the elaborate face paint and identified her to the police, said Lara Jones, spokeswoman for Salt Lake Police Department.

Slash Attack

A student reported that his car was vandalized over the weekend. When the student walked to his car in the Benchmark Plaza parking lot in the Residence Halls, he found the tires slashed and the letters “FU” scratched into the front passenger side door, according to the police report. The victim told police only six people know which car he drives and he has no idea who would make a threat against him.

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