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Unfounded hatred strong all the same

By Bryan Chouinard

When I first came to Salt Lake City as a freshman at the University of Utah, there were a few fundamental truths I needed to familiarize myself with if I wanted any chance at surviving my first year at the U.

First of all, I had to learn about this condiment called “fry sauce.” I wondered how I could have grown up in Connecticut for 18 years and not once heard of this “fry sauce.” Needless to say, I felt foolish when I found out what Utah calls fry sauce, the rest of the world calls ketchup and mayo.

The second thing I learned during my first few days on campus was the overwhelming and all-inclusive loathing the U has for “that school down south.” This got me excited. I had spent the better part of my time on this earth hating the Boston Red Sox; now all I had to do was find a way to divert that hatred straight toward Provo.

During the course of the past few years, I have felt the hate grow deep inside of me. But as we look to the 2008 edition of the “Holy War,” the question I pose is, “What exactly is it that U students and alumni alike hate about Brigham Young University so very much?”

“Why do I hate BYU?” said Drew Bowles, a junior in physiology. “What is there to like about ’em? I hate BYU because it’s BYU.”

Bowles, who grew up in Utah, stressed the fact that his hate for BYU didn’t start when he first enrolled at the U8212;it started long before he even considered applying to Utah.

“Growing up, there was always that one kid in the class (who) was a BYU fan. Even at that age they drove me crazy,” Bowles said. “It doesn’t help that Steve Young went there; I hated that guy8212;still do.”

It’s important to note that both schools have sent one of their own to San Francisco to quarterback the now-dreadful 49ers. Steve Young graduated from BYU in 1983 before leading the team to NFL supremacy in 1994. On the other hand you have Alex Smith, who, after being drafted first overall in 2005, has likely seen his last days with the 49ers because of a career riddled with injuries and interceptions.

All quarterbacks aside, it’s clear that when growing up in Utah, you are forced at a young age to make a choice8212;a choice that will follow you for the rest of your life.

But I wasn’t satisfied8212;there must be reasons the U student body hates BYU the way they do, other than the simple fact that “it’s BYU.”

“I hate that smug look on their face(s) when they win anything, anything at all,” said Brooks Hill, a business major at the U. “And how do they all have that same damn haircut? There has to be more than one barber in Provo.”

The hate clearly starts at a young age and only seems to intensify with your time at the U, but what happens once you move on from taking classes and freezing in the MUSS? Do you grow up and realize it’s all just a little bit childish?

“You know why I hate BYU?” said U alumnus Dave Fleishe. “Because they’re arrogant and they think they’re better than you. They don’t even have to say a word to let you know either8212;it’s written all over their face(s).”

Fleishe, a former member of the U swimming team, knows that once you’re a part of the rivalry, you’ll never look at it the same way again.

“I can’t stand ’em,” Fleishe said. “That will never change.”

It seems that regardless of the reason8212;whether the hate stems back to grade school or if it was conjured up while at the U8212;the feeling is the same no matter whom you ask. While there might be respect among the coaches and players after the game this Saturday, don’t look for any in the stands because, after all, it is BYU. What more needs to be said?

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