Bible, gay agenda at odds


I’m getting pretty tired of Eric Ethington’s “sleeping giant” comment (“Prop 8 protests continue,” Nov. 17). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints awoke a sleeping giant as well8212;the majority of California voters.

If you enjoy the opportunities of democracy, you must abide by laws that the democracy passes, end of story. What’s sad to me is that the outspoken gay community seems to force its view of marriage onto a body of people who has voted against it. Then they pick one church out of the numerous churches that oppose their views, and blame it for everything.

What the gay community doesn’t understand is that churches stand for morals in the same way police officers stand up for laws. If the gay community expects churches to suddenly become okay with gay marriage, it needs to find a way to change the Bible. Until that happens, it shouldn’t count on churches to vote for the gay agenda.

Braden Johnson,
Freshman, Pre-Business