Top court has duty to undo Prop 8


The photo on Page 5 (Nov. 17) taken by Lennie Mahler states the view that I have a problem with. Yes, the people did vote on Proposition 8, and yes it did pass. But saying the Supreme Court has no right to intervene is ridiculous. The great thing about this nation is that the people don’t have final say on civil rights. The majority cannot be allowed to deny the rights of the minority and that is exactly what they have done.

I am not gay and honestly cannot think of a single person in my family who is. This is not an issue of gay or not, married or not, this is an issue of people and their rights as human beings. I can’t think of a single good reason why these people should be denied their rights.

You are not fighting evil here, you are not on a mission from God to stop the path of Satan. You have no religious or secular justification to continue the support of this embarrassing proposition. Be glad the government steps in when needed, or only rich, literate, white males could vote. Stop your bigoted hate and let happiness and love prevail.

Sam Walton,
Sophomore, Anthropology