U’s hatred of BYU disturbing


As a U graduate, I was disturbed by the rampant hate for BYU in the edition of your paper distributed in the Deseret News this week. We have respected both schools and appreciate what is good about them. Having lived many years in the Midwest, we saw many intense rivalries in the Big Ten, but I never saw the degree of hate for another school that was manifested by those quoted in your paper against BYU.

I attended the Utah-BYU game last year in Provo, and several Utah fans were weaving up and down the aisles yelling profanities and taunting the BYU fans. I have not seen such hate among any of the BYU fans I know for any other school, including Utah. A rivalry is one thing, but hate is another. Let’s stop the hate!

Evelyn Scott
U Alumna