Women’s basketball needs respect

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I’ve been disappointed in U students and fans for seven years. Since this is my last semester here, I wanted to voice my frustrations as well as thank the most unsung athletic program here. No, not the football team. Not men’s basketball8212;they have regained status in the hearts and minds of fans.

You never make room in your hearts, minds and wallets for Utah women’s basketball.

Like undefeated teams? How many of you showed up last season when the Lady Utes went 16-0 in their conference? It was shocking how unappreciated their efforts were. Like tournament drama? Were you watching in 2006 when they were one free throw away from the Final Four?

Morgan Warburton has scored double-digits in over fifty consecutive games, Kalee Whipple silences anyone she defends and drains 3s like free throws, and I wish every Utah center played with the consistent aggressiveness and heart of Katie King.

The university has started to promote the team a bit more, they even retired former Ute Kim Smith’s number. But you still aren’t showing up. These ladies do not disappoint…stop disappointing them.

Amy Noyce
Senior, English and History Teaching