Sustainable Initiative a positive campus change


In response to Jeremy Thompson’s article (“Reimherr to send fee to U Trustees,” March 5), we would like to give you another perspective to consider.
Before you make a conclusion about the Associated Students of the University of Utah leaders speaking in support of the Sustainable Campus Initiative to the Board of Regents, we encourage you to question what is reported in The Daily Utah Chronicle as well as to speak to the individuals leading the efforts to understand the truth. We spend countless hours implementing positive changes and continuously look for ways to enhance the education and campus life here at the U.
When ASUU leaders strive to effect positive change on campus by proposing the Sustainable Campus Initiative that would impact our campus and the larger community for years to come, various interpretations arise. We have provided the education, information and research needed to support the importance of the SCI. We also gave students, Assembly and Senate representatives ample time to speak with their constituents and voice their opinions through tabling efforts, two information sessions and at the open meetings of the General Assembly and Student Senate in February.
After both bodies overwhelmingly passed the bill, the Assembly and Senate met to finalize the resolution March 2, to simply clarify one sentence regarding the evaluation of the fee that will take place in three years. As the jurisdiction of implementing student fees is at the discretion of the university central administration, the resolution to pass the initiative is designed to demonstrate that the initiative has student support. Being approved by the student legislative bodies is one way to accomplish this, as they are elected by students to represent students. Other ways of demonstrating support is through collecting signatures on petitions and conducting a survey, both of which have been done.
Change is essential to improve the quality of our education and our university as a whole. The initiatives we have crafted work to enhance the education one receives at the U, both in and outside of the classroom. This is our chance as students to be the voice and change-agents in supporting the Sustainable Campus Initiative as it will benefit our economy and our university community and decrease our environmental footprint.

Yevgeniya Kopeleva,
Chief of Staff, ASUU

Jessica Scharf,
Director of Sustainability, ASUU