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It’s Spring Break, and you all know what that means8212;we’re halfway home. Half a semester away from whatever the hell you’ve been waiting to do since the minute the snow started falling. Then again, maybe that’s just me. I love Utah and just about everything that comes with it, except one thing8212;I hate the snow. I’ve never been a fan of paying money to potentially kill myself falling down the face of a mountain at full speed and I’m even less of a fan of walking half a mile from my car to class in frigid temperatures. But I put up with it because I love the other six or seven months of beautiful weather.

Every year, as soon as Spring Break rolls around, I look forward to summer more and more. In typical Utah fashion, the weather has to turn bad right before Spring Break, dooming the chances of fun for those of us too poor to take an exotic8212;or any8212;vacation. Cross your fingers that the projected weather report is accurate for next week, because if it is, we’re looking at sunshine and low 60s all week long. Not perfect, but much better than cloudy and cold.

And as soon as you get back to school, we’ll be right here to help ease you back into things. Have fun.

Trevor Hale
[email protected]