The Word

No Truce/Dismantled
March 14, 7 p.m.
The Cabin (723 West Harrisville Road in Harrisville)

Hailing from Salinas, Calif., No Truce takes one part Integrity, one part Madball and one part Buried Alive, mixes them all together and spits out a no-holds-barred style of hardcore. It’s nothing new to the genre, but still a welcome difference from the bands specializing in blast-beats and pig squeals that the recent death-core trend has brought out. Dismantled, Salt Lake City’s newest addition, will be making its first trek up north with its Life of Agony meets Section 8 style. Ogden local band Water Board will be playing its first show and recent Skinned Elbow Records addition Right on Track is on the bill as well. If you’re too poor to take an actual vacation during Spring Break, make the quick drive to Ogden this weekend and catch the show. Camouflage shorts and black hoodies required.

March 19, 7 p.m.
Baxter’s Cafe (1615 South State Street)

Reviver has been home too long. The locals have been patiently waiting for the snow to stop falling and the roads to be safe enough to travel and they’ve finally gotten their wish. The band kicks off a tour across the United States next Thursday, so this will be your last chance to catch them before they spend the next two months living in a van. The hometown show will feature Denver’s Crooked Ways, Ogden’s One Clean Life and fellow Salt Lake City bands Challenger and Despite Despair. Still promoting its debut album Versificator, Reviver brings a live show that never disappoints. The pile-ons and stage dives are plentiful and vocalist Matt Mascarenas always welcomes a chance for a sing-along. Reviver recently finished a few new tracks in the studio, so there will be a couple of new songs to mix in with the band’s already popular catalogue. Come out and wish them well and maybe, if everyone asks nicely, they’ll bust out the Quicksand cover. Fingers crossed.

Battle Axes Art Show
March 21, 8 p.m.
Oni Tattoo Gallery (325 E. 900 South)

Sarah de Azevedo, Michelle Emerson and Shauntay Ramsey are all accomplished artists in their own right8212;whatever the medium might be. Putting the three of them together in one place is sure to produce something special, and that’s exactly what the trio hopes for when they unveil their Battle Axes Art show next weekend. Don’t be intimidated by the amount of tattoos covering the bodies of these women, because it in no way hinders their talent. Emerson’s specialty is photography and her work has been shown numerous times all over the city. De Azevedo is a tattoo artist, but for the show, she specializes in creepy-but-cute paintings and prints. Ramsey is a mixed-media artist, incorporating just about anything she can into giant, beautifully detailed pieces. All of these artists are regulars at the monthly Gallery Strolls, but with all three of these artists’ works hanging in one place at the same time, the Battle Axes Art Show will definitely live up to its title. All three will be on hand for the show, so don’t be afraid to say hello. They’re not as scary as they look8212;usually.