Conrad is misguided


First, I would like to congratulate Drew Conrad (“We must stop liberals silencing conservatives,” March 30) for his courageous efforts in breaking through the liberal media wall of silence.

Second, Conrad has too many inaccuracies for me to refute them all, so I will just tackle the biggest one: the idea that cutting taxes creates wealth for everyone. Conrad is buying into the conservative idea of trickle-down economics. This idea has never worked, and the idea that taxes now are somehow at a historic high is a complete falsehood. This “tax increase” that many conservatives are in an uproar about is nothing but the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, which he justified by saying they would stimulate the economy. That worked well.

Historically, taxes now are on the low end for all income sets. The current tax rate is going to increase to about 39 percent. Compare that to taxes during President Eisenhower’s eight years of over 90 percent (man, what a pinko commie liberal that guy was). Even under President Reagan taxes were at 50 percent.

Also, just one last little poke: I enjoyed your characterization of liberal arguments relying on emotion and science. It is quite a feat to frame an argument in two diametrically opposed ways.

David McGee,
Senior, Middle Eastern Studies