Conservative voices aren’t underrepresented


The Chronicle was full of wisdom and little rays of conservative sunshine on this snowy morning. First up is Liz Carlston (“Drug war can’t be won through legalization,” March 30) telling us that we should stick to the policies that have utterly failed during the past three decades or so because, well just because! Because if we don’t, and actually try something new like legalization, “users would engage in violent and illegal activities without preventative intervention.” You mean like beheadings, kidnappings and armed gangs roaming the streets killing at will, like they do now?

Then we have Drew Conrad, chairman-elect of the U College Republicans. “We must stop liberals silencing conservatives,” he warns, because it’s so terrible that FOX News, KSL, Gayle Ruzicka, Michael Waddoups, the Deseret News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and about a zillion other right-wing shouters in every form of media don’t have a voice!

During the past 20 years the poor conservatives just couldn’t get their message across: the horrors of the Clinton years, how Saddam Hussein personally flew one of the planes into the World Trade Center and parachuted to safety and about how the Radical Homosexual Agenda is planning to tear down the Zion Curtains, drag our children into bars and turn them into gay alcoholics! I know all those things are true because I heard Rush say it on 27 different radio stations in Utah and Sean and Glenn told me during 24-hour broadcasts on FOX News.

It’s terrible that people in Utah and the nation are not exposed to conservative ideas and voices. It’s obvious to everyone not seduced by “radical liberals” that only by listening to red-blooded conservative voices as Carlston and Conrad are telling us to, we will have the great economy we are enjoying today and the Iraqi children will all be riding ponies.

Roy Webb,
U alumnus