Conservatives aren?t being silenced


“We are the victims!” I love listening to age-old conservative rhetoric. The pitiful argument posited by Drew Conrad (“We must stop liberals silencing conservatives,” March 30) has so many holes in it I could use it to strain my spaghetti.

First, he fails to realize the difference between speaking and silencing. For the past eight years, we have witnessed a Republican administration silence people and ideas. After observing Republican tact8212;or lack thereof8212;during the deceitful Bush administration, the American public responded and has voted largely Democratic in the past two elections. The American public has chosen our president and current congress, yet Conrad would have us believe that the current executive and legislative branches are in fact actively silencing Republicans rather than speaking for what has become the liberal majority.

Liberal movements we see today are a response to conservative oppression, specifically oppression of race, gender and sexuality. The liberal movement is not actively attempting to silence conservatism, but in fact attempting to reverse conservative oppression and misconceptions.

Conservatism is not being silenced, but proven wrong with a loud voice.

Kristian Hyer,
Senior, English