Chronicle apologizes for insensitive cartoon

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On March 31, a cartoon was printed in the Opinion section of The Daily Utah Chronicle that offended readers. The cartoon was a response to the Utah Transit Authority’s selection of an ancient American Indian village along the Jordan River as the site for a new TRAX station and strip mall. Although both the cartoon and the column it complemented were opposed to excavating the historic village, the illustration lacked sensitivity and depicted an American Indian in a disrespectful fashion.

Those who reviewed the cartoon prior to publication overlooked the cultural implications of what was printed, and didn’t take into account text in the drawing that was unacceptable and framed American Indians in a stereotypical and inaccurate light. The Chronicle meant no offense, we apologize for the error and we will strive to be more conscious in the future.

We depend on our readers to help us correct our oversights, and we appreciate those who brought this mistake to our attention.

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