Psychology professor appears on ‘Oprah’ to discuss research

By Jeremy Thompson, Staff Writer

When Oprah calls, people respond.

Such was the case with Lisa Diamond, a professor in the psychology department. She appeared recently in both Oprah Winfrey’s magazine, O!, as well as her television show to talk about women who have become involved in relationships with other women8212;some after many years of marriage to men.

“I think I was chosen because of my book,” Diamond said. “It focuses on the women’s relationships with other women at various stages of their lives.”

David Huebner, an associate professor in the psychology department, said Diamond was chosen because of her ability to reach a wide audience.

“She is a very strong scientist that can at the same time be an accessible and dynamic speaker to a variety of people,” Huebner said. “That makes her perfect for shows like Oprah.”

Diamond said that the most memorable part of the experience was talking to Oprah after the show. She explained that Oprah had called after the taping to discuss a certain part of the show, wondering if it was too offensive.

“How often do you get to tell a friend that is calling, “Not now8212;I am on the phone with Oprah,'” Diamond joked. “It really was a once in a lifetime experience.”

Jeremy Thompson