Campus shuttle system results in frustration


Here’s a story that might make you laugh, but it made me want to cry. Hopefully I’ll garner some empathy and steps will be taken to rectify an evil situation. To put it bluntly, I hate the shuttle system with a flaming passion.

Recently, I had 15 minutes after class to run home, grab my guitar and yoga mat, and get to my Sustainability Board meeting. I didn’t have long to wait for the red shuttle before I saw it coming. As it drew near, I prepared to board. Then what does it do? It drives right by me.

I walked home (it took four times as long), gathered my stuff and waited for a shuttle that would take me to the Union. I soon saw one approaching. Yay. But then, I realized that the sign said neither “RED” nor “GREEN” but “OUT OF SERVICE.” However, the shuttle started slowing down, and I saw students inside. I was relieved, but not for long8212;the flippin’ shuttle slowed down as if to stop, then suddenly sped off! I turned to a guy who was also waiting at the shuttle stop. “There were students riding it!” I said in frustration. “Yes,” he said indifferently. I walked to the Union and was 20 minutes late to Sustainability Board.

I had another unfortunate experience a few weeks ago when I ended up on the opposite end of campus from my class because apparently the red shuttle goes counterclockwise from upper campus in the evenings. Perhaps I should have taken weeks to research the intricacies of the shuttle system, but even if I did that, I still doubt it would get any easier. When you see two red shuttles following each other, it’s not a good sign.

Katie Kormanik,
Junior, Math and Economics