Chronicle should mention smaller sports


While it is wonderful to have a student-produced paper, it would be greatly appreciated if they would show at least even a hint of interest in those smaller varsity sports teams we have on campus. Is anybody aware of how well our ski team did at NCAAs? Well I mean besides the mere paragraph they may put in once a year. Or were you aware that the women’s track team has already qualified three athletes for the NCAA regional meet? Are you even aware that we have a track team? Because almost every time I read The Chronicle all I see is football (it’s not football season right now, they don’t need 12 inches), basketball or gymnastics.

While I am interested in hearing about them, I would also like to know what the other teams are up to. I would like people to know what other sports they could come watch and be a part of. What about an article on the track that is planning on being built this year? What about the track athlete that has maintained a 4.0 throughout all of college and is an MWC champ? What about our ski team, which has consistently been in the Top 5 in the NCAA for the past 12 years? What about more on our swim team, our golf team?

In the paper on Thursday I noticed the sports that were competing this weekend: softball, baseball, women’s and men’s tennis, and I believe that’s it. Well the track team is at a huge invitational at Arizona state, in fact they are competing every weekend. Not that you would know. The ski team just came back from racing in Colorado to round out their phenomenal season.

I know for a fact that there are plenty of people at The Chronicle that could put a little more than a paragraph into the paper about Utah’s smaller sports. Try it. If not, tell me and I will be glad to do it for you!

Chelsea Shapard
Senior, Mass Communication