Take 5

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The world is ending. It’s ending quickly and it’s ending dramatically. It will either end A) at noon on your 40th birthday or B) two days after you die (from natural causes) at the age of 75.

1* Option A. I wouldn’t miss the apocalypse for the world. – Steve Coons

2* Option B. They say every man will stand before Jesus. That’s a lot of people to stand in line for trial, and with my luck, I’d end up spending those extra years waiting next to a crackhead trying to bum cigs from me. – Chase Straight

3* Both scenarios provide my people with enough time to assure a comfortable relocation to Mars. But please, tell me what you decide so I can finalize the travel arrangements and outfit my spaceship with binoculars. Thanks. – John Collins

4* It would be pretty exciting to be smack in the middle of the end of the world. But if you’re on your deathbed telling people that the world will end in two days, people are just going to think your last words are senile drivel. I think I’d like to watch the chaos unfold firsthand, so Option A. – Trevor Hale

5* Option B. Why would I want to be around for the end of the world? That’s so scary! – Sarah Custen