The Pulse

By Trevor Hale, Red Pulse Editor

This is it8212;the end of the line. It’s weird how fast time goes by when you only see things in terms of deadlines. Planning out each and every week in advance doesn’t leave much room for improvisation and having a real job doesn’t leave much room for the last-minute road trips I used to be so fond of.

That said, I want to say thanks to everyone who picked up an issue of Red Pulse this year. It was a blast to do and hopefully we made it worth your time. I also want to thank everyone who read it online and took the time to comment anonymously and tell me that I’m a hack with no future, because you’re the real fans of Red Pulse. Spineless, cowardly fans8212;but at least you were reading it.

Next year, things might be a little bit different because times are changing and newspapers are having a harder time than ever before, but The Daily Utah Chronicle will still be around, bringing you all the news that’s fit to print. And if there’s something you want to see, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll still be here.

Well, not me. I’ll disappear into obscurity soon8212;because there ain’t no future in this.

Trevor Hale

[email protected]