Student Tased at Crimson Nights

By By Michael McFall

By Michael McFall

A drunken student got his butt kicked for allegedly touching one.
An intoxicated juvenile student boarded a U shuttle on the way to Crimson Nights on Friday. During the bus ride, he touched a female passenger’s butt, according to the U Police Department.
The drunk student was a complete stranger to her, said Capt. Lynn Mitchell.
Once everyone was off the shuttle, the woman’s male friend started yelling at the student. A fight broke out.
U Police came to the scene and separated the two. While officers were escorting the student away from the scene, he escaped. The officers caught up to him a few seconds later and Tased him.
Mitchell said he couldn’t recall the last time U Police Tased a student.
“It’s not our standard procedure, but we do have a major hospital on campus,” he said. “It is more appropriate to Taser than other deadly force or other means of deadly force. Once a Taser is done, the effects are minimal, contrary to all the media hype about electrocution.”
The Tasing is still under review, as per U Police policy upon every instance of Taser use.
The drunken, Tased and allegedly grabby student was taken to the University Hospital. He was released shortly after 5 a.m. the next day, and officers booked him into juvenile detention for underage drinking, possession of alcohol by a minor, sexual offense, false identification to an officer and fleeing from an officer, Mitchell said.
Mitchell wouldn’t say whether the student could have avoided the same level of trouble he did Friday night had he not been intoxicated.
He is the second drunken student in a week to be taken to the U Hospital for alcohol detoxification. On Aug. 21, a student was found passed out in a Sage Point dormitory hallway after drinking. Housing and Residential Education would not confirm the identity of the student or whether the student was underage.
“We’re concerned with how much alcohol students are consuming, whether they’re underage or not,” said HRE assistant director Lindy Neilsen.
U Police would not identify anyone involved in Friday night’s incident or say if the victim and her friend were U students.