Chinese indie-rock to visit Utah

By By Joseph Simmons

By Joseph Simmons

Three of China’s most popular indie-rock bands will be stopping at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City on Sept. 15 as part of the Sing For China Tour to raise money for the China AIDS Orphan Fund. The tour features the bands Queen Sea Big Shark, Hedgehog and Casino Demon and is part of a coast-to-coast effort to not only raise money for charity but also introduce American audiences to the Chinese indie-rock scene. The concert is a rare opportunity to see a live rock performance by native Chinese performers who struggle for exposure because of government censorship in their home country.

The three bands are all well-known in the underground Chinese indie-rock scene and are beginning to gain a greater following in the United States thanks to increased Internet promotions and events such as the Sing For China Tour.

Each band has found its own niche within the indie-rock genre and has its own unique sound. Hedgehog, which is led by female drummer-vocalist Atom, is perhaps the most accomplished of the three groups, having released two albums in the past four years. The song “Noise Hit World” from their 2006 album was widely praised by critics both in and out of China.
While Hedgehog plays with an edgy, fast-paced style, Queen Sea Big Shark is better known for incorporating electro rave-ups in its music. Casino Demon plays a more classical garage-punk rock.

All proceeds from the performance ticket sales and fees will be donated to the China AIDS Orphan Fund. The China AIDS Orphan Fund was founded in 2003, and its goal is to better the lives of children orphaned with HIV/AIDS in central China. The organization’s activities include funding and organizing education for AIDS orphans, humanitarian services to families affected by HIV/AIDS, medical care and training, and foster care and orphanage programs.
The concert begins at 9 p.m. at Urban Lounge at 241 S. 500 East. Admission is $10 plus a $2.75 service fee.

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