U loses Bleed Red crown to USU

By Veronica Pineda, Staff Writer

A rumor posted on Bleed Red signs that Utah State University had collected a higher number of blood units the first week of their school year might have discouraged the U’s chances of winning this year’s Bleed Red Competition. Thursday, that rumor was confirmed8212;USU has once again stolen the crown, collecting 1420 units of blood.

Even with unprecedented attention from the media, class announcements and the efforts from the University Service Corp, the U managed to only collect 866 units for ARUP Blood Services.

About 27,000 students attend the U, but less than 1,000 volunteers came to the blood drive these past five days at the Union. Last year, the U was able to raise 1,054 units of blood.

“We can’t get students in to donate for some reason,” said Lance Bandley, ARUP’s Bleed Red organizer.

A significant reason why the number of students donating blood this year has decreased is because of the construction taking place at the Saltair, the room in the Union that was initially supposed to hold the blood drive, organizers said. As a result, the second and third day of the blood drive had to be moved to the Crimson View, which lies in an inconspicuous location on the fourth floor of the Union.

“It makes it hard to donate blood in an inconvenient location,” said Stanley Lloyd, director of ASUU Community Services.

Not to mention 17 percent of people who came to volunteer were deferred. This is a small percentage at a college, considering the new tattoos and piercings on students, which prohibit a person from donating for up to a year.

It’s been a tradition for the past seven years to announce the winner of Bleed Red during halftime at the Homecoming Game.

The ample amount of blood collected during this completion is a great aid to Utah’s hospitals, especially right before the Labor Day holiday when the regular flow of contributors dwindles.

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