Men?s team prepares for open tryouts

By By Quinn Wilcox

By Quinn Wilcox

A golden opportunity is approaching for men on campus looking to prolong their days of playing volleyball.

The Utah men’s club team is having open tryouts Oct. 20 and Oct. 22, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the HPER East Building Room 101.

Anyone with the desire to play volleyball at a competitive level is invited to attend and try out to be a part of coach Kirk Condie’s program.

“We’re looking for guys who really know the sport and have a passion for the game of volleyball,” Condie said. “This is a great opportunity for guys looking to play volleyball and who have a love for the game.”

Men’s volleyball won’t hit the majority of its schedule until the latter part of Fall Semester and the majority of Spring Semester.

“There is a time commitment for our sport,” Condie said. “We participate in usually six to eight tournaments a year, and we have other scheduled games along with an alumni game as well.”

Condie, who is in his third year with the program, says he hopes to field two squads this year if participation at tryouts is substantial enough.

Anyone who is interested in trying out for the team can find more information on the U’s campus recreation website under club sports.

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