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By By Veronica Pineda

By Veronica Pineda

It’s official8212;Utah, particularly Salt Lake City, is a pretty cool place to be for college students.

The American Institute for Economic Research published the 2009-2010 College Destination Index this week, which lists Salt Lake City and Logan as two of the nation’s top destinations for college students.

“To determine the rankings, each city was assessed on the academic environment it provides, the quality of life it offers and the professional opportunities available to residents,” said Kerry Lynch, AIER senior economist.

Salt Lake City, which is home to several colleges and universities, was ranked sixth in the category of midsized cities and 21st overall in the nation.

students cite the city’s surroundings and Utah’s snowfall as their reason to attend the U. A growing nightlife scene and events such as the annual Twilight Concert Series, gallery strolls and various events hosted at the Salt Lake City-County Building also make downtown a growing attraction for students.

“It has a lot of good public transportation, and a good area of activities for the students,” said Sagan Harlin, a senior in international studies. “It was the most liberal and diverse area in the state.”

Salt Lake City’s 5 percent unemployment rate is well below the national average of 8.6 percent, meaning more jobs for students, according to AIER.

During the summer of 2009, 13 new dining and entertainment businesses emerged, which helped determine AIER’s high ranking for Salt Lake City’s entrepreneurial opportunities.
Logan, the home of Utah State University, was ranked 13th among small college towns and 68th overall in the nation.

ks Salt Lake City’s nightlife, the town is home to the Utah Festival Opera, which presents shows annually and is a draw for the city.

Job growth has increased by 0.2 percent and according to Forbes, a leading financial publication, Logan is one of the best small towns for business and careers.

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