UPC to host Oktoberfest

By By Joseph Peterson

By Joseph Peterson

When it comes to alcohol, the U might be a dry campus, but that won’t stop the Union Programming Council from throwing an Oktoberfest party. Today, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., lunch is free, featuring classic German fare such as bratwurst as well as alternative menu items such as garden burgers. Vosen’s, a local German bakery, will provide pastries and Marie Calender pies can be won in various contests such as yodeling, for those brave enough. Salzburger Echo, a traditional German music band and mainstay performers at Snowbird’s annual Oktoberfest will provide the entertainment complete with lederhosen and alphorns. Yes, Ricola.

Beer will be available for the most jovial of Oktoberfesters, but will be of the root and apple variety and as alcohol-free as water, which isn’t too disappointing. After all, there will be lederhosen.