Library celebrates end of construction

By Jake Hibbard, Staff Writer

A 10-minute wait to get inside, free food at the door, security everywhere and the booming sound of Tupac rapping his ’90s hit “California Love”8212;just another night at the Marriott Library.

To thank students for enduring four years of renovations, the library and student government hosted “Marriott After Dark” on Friday from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. All U students and one guest per student were invited to attend. Upon entering the library, attendees received a free Costa Vida burrito.

Other events at the party included showings of the movies “Juno” and “Rushmore,” and there was a dance on the fourth floor where U92’s DJ Dao served up the music.

Jacob Bender, a graduate student studying British and American literature, said it was a new experience to stand in line to enter the library.

“Normally I just walk in,” he said. “Apparently food brings more people than books.”

Indeed, free food seemed to be most responsible for the large turnout8212;many students had to sit on the floor to eat because all the seats in the library were taken.

“We came here for the food, but we’ll probably stay for “Juno,’ ” Bender said.

John Hoang, a sophomore in biomedical engineering, said he might find it hard to come to the library from now on without the guarantee of receiving a free meal.

Amanda Thomas, a junior in modern dance, said she is glad she won’t have to worry about construction at the library anymore.

“It was a long walk from the modern dance building to the library when (the west entrance) was closed,” Thomas said, adding that it was sometimes confusing to remember which entrances were open.

Bender said seeing the library complete makes him question the necessity of changes that were made, saying they seemed to be mostly superfluous.

“I’m not sure they got their money’s worth,” he said.

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Richard Payson/The Daily Utah Chronicle

A DJ from U92 played music for students to dance to at the Marriott Library as part of the ?Marriott After Dark? event Friday night. Along with dancing. the event featured free food and movies.