Princeton Review ranks U?s law school

By By Katie Valentine

By Katie Valentine

The Princeton Review has once again ranked the U’s law school as one of the better schools students can attend.

The Princeton Review examines 172 law schools across the country and groups similar colleges together based on how well they perform in 11 categories, instead of ranking them based on overall quality. The new rankings, released Tuesday, list schools based on criteria such as academics, admission statistics, student body and student opinions. It includes two rankings: One is based on a data set including information such as statistics, and the other is based on student opinions.

“Based on the numbers, the U is ranked as one of the top in the country,” said Remi Barron, a U spokesman. With the data sets, the S.J. Quinney Law School is ranked the same as Harvard University and BYU’s law schools.

The review interviewed 18,000 students from across the country to assess each university on more subjective categories, such as the most liberal student body and the most competitive students.

Student opinions didn’t rank the U in the top 10 of any categories. BYU is ranked first for having the most conservative students.

“It’s good it be listed in a ranking like this because students use them to help them find a school,” Barron said.

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