Girl, 3, falls from dorm window

By By Michael McFall and

By Michael McFall

A 3-year-old girl is all right after falling from a two-story window in student housing.

hile Russ Thurgood was helping his brother and sister-in-law move out of the apartments, his niece Tailee Thurgood had gotten back into the apartment and climbed through the open window. He was outside when he saw his niece fall from her parents’ apartment window.

“It was like she did a forward somersault,” he said.

Unlike on-campus student dormitories, it’s possible to remove a screen from the windows at the off-campus family apartments.

Tailee hit a table on her back before bouncing from there to the ground. He said he ran to her and held her still so she wouldn’t hurt herself trying to get up. For a while she couldn’t breathe, until finally the air returned to her lungs and she screamed, he said.

“I’d rather hear that than have her not breathing at all,” Russ Thurgood said.

Tailee Thurgood was taken to the U Hospital. Her parents joined her there for X-rays. It appears she didn’t break anything, and the only thing left before the hospital releases her is a routine brain scan, Russ Thurgood said.

“It’s scary when you have little kids running around here,” he said.

Eddie Echneckloth

Tailee Thurgood, 3, is taken to University Hospital after she fell from a second-story window of student housing on Sunnyside Avenue late Wednesday afternoon. Paramedics say she suffered no serious injury.