100 S. traffic slowed by construction

By Rita Totten , Staff Writer

Heading west on 100 South is more difficult these days.

Traffic has been delayed and completely stopped at some points along the westbound route of 100 South because of road repair projects. The north westbound lane is closed from University Street to 1300 East.

Rock Simpson, who works in the Salt Lake City Public Utilities engineering department, said the city was doing some spot sewer main repair in the area that could have caused some of the delays.

“The roads are supposed to be open,” Simpson said. He said the traffic control permit said the east and westbound lanes on 100 South would remain open throughout the work, though they might be narrowed.

Separately, the construction project on the reservoir underneath the tennis courts on the corner of 100 South and 1300 East has also caused major delays. On Sept. 30, traffic became so congested that it took some commuters as long as 45 minutes to leave the U campus.

Bob Sperling, a project manager for Salt Lake City Public Utilities, said there are lane closures at that intersection because of the renovations.

“We took off the roof and filled it up,” Sperling said of the reservoir.

The north lane on 100 South heading west was closed off so that trucks carrying dirt could make their way to the job site, Sperling said. He said the dirt used to fill the old reservoir is from the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative construction project, which has left giant mounds of earth all over what used to be the U’s golf course.

“Although it was somewhat difficult for people in the area, if we didn’t have the dirt from the U, it would be a lot bigger hassle,” Sperling said.

He said the city saved on fuel expenses and reduced traffic congestion because they didn’t have to transport the filler dirt too far.

The closed westbound lane will be reopened by as late as the end of the week.

“We may still be working, but it will be open,” Sperling said.

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