Nursing seminars bring in national online audience

By By Ryan Howell, Staff Writer

By Ryan Howell, Staff Writer

Students and nursing enthusiasts from the Beehive State to the Big Apple are logging on to watch a U nursing seminar.

The U’s College of Nursing introduced a series of seminars, presented by staff members, that covers a broad range of educational, clinical and research-related topics. These seminars can be accessed by either attending them in person or watching them streamed live across the Internet through the College of Nursing’s website.

The use of technology to reach a larger audience has been a goal of the program and, with the large turnout of participants, it appears to be working.

Stephanie Richardson, director for the Center of Teaching and Learning Excellence and one of the seminar series coordinators, said she was pleased with its success.

“There has been such energy around the program,” Richardson said. “We haven’t even had to market the series for it to be successful.”

And the success hasn’t just come from around Utah. Viewers have been tuning in as far as New York and participating over the web. Richardson credits this success to the way the seminar series incorporates clinical, research and educational subjects all into one, rather than separate the subjects as most other programs do.

Students who aren’t there in person can still participate. Along with the live stream, the seminar series has set up a mediated, live web chat so online viewers can participate and interact with the lecture. Every seminar will also be archived on the nursing website to be viewed online.

The first of these seminars was released Sept. 4. The seminars are put on each week in the Health Sciences Education Building from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Fridays.

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