Trial delayed for dismissed football player

By By Michael McFall and By Michael McFall

By Michael McFall

Marquis Wilson’s assault case won’t go to trial8212;yet.

The dismissed Utah football player was going to face his jury trial Wednesday morning, but it was bumped to a later date. He is charged with repeatedly punching an acquaintance of his, Jonathan Williams, at a Golden Trails men’s club last Christmas Eve, according to his charging papers. The accusation is a class A misdemeanor, which carries a maximum of one year in jail.

But Wilson will have to wait a little longer to argue that he’s not guilty. The 3rd District Court’s schedule only allows for seven jury trials at a time, and when the legal team arrived to schedule Wilson’s trial Monday morning, it discovered that seven older cases that need to be dealt with had taken priority, said Joshua Bowland, Wilson’s defense attorney.
“It’s a waiting game,” Bowland said.

Bowland said he doesn’t foresee any new evidence or testimony surfacing between now and when the case is finally heard by a jury of Wilson’s peers8212;it will be the same trial then as it would have been Wednesday.

No new date has been set for Wilson’s jury trial.