Annual food drive fuels rivalry between BYU, U

By By Veronica Pineda

By Veronica Pineda

The U tries to dominate BYU in more than just sports, but when it comes to collecting food, it has a hard time pulling it off.

competition against BYU includes a canned food drive and a donation drive that benefit the needy through the Utah Food Bank during the holiday season.

Traditionally, the U has won in the donation category and BYU in the food drive, but last year, the tables turned when the U collected almost 90,000 pounds more than BYU8212;a record in the 15-year event8212;and BYU collected about $8,000 more than the U.

“BYU has a built-in advantage of having so many students living on campus,” said John Fackler, director of alumni relations for the U’s alumni association.

The U organizers have made an effort to unify students so they can be all the better at helping those in need.

“I wouldn’t say that we’re at a disadvantage,” said Kasi Goodwin, vice president of the Student Alumni Board. “We’ve really made a huge push last year and united all the school organizations.”

Since the recession, the Utah Food Bank has seen an increase in the request for food assistance, said Jessica Pugh, spokeswoman for the food bank. A large portion of the food bank’s inventory in the past has come from the competition between the U and BYU8212;last year, both schools raised close to 350,000 pounds of food.

“No matter which side wins, the community ultimately benefits,” Pugh said.
The annual competition is held in the weeks leading up the football game against the two schools, beginning Nov. 16 and ending Nov. 28.

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