Crime Briefs

By Compiled by Michael McFall

Hooker Trash
A complainant’s vehicle parked in the O-Zone lot had a small j-hook, which is the end of a tow chain, in the driver’s-side tire. The U Police determined it wasn’t a criminal action, as the hook probably came from construction debris, said Capt. Lynn Mitchell of the U Police.

Gone Fishing
Thieves vandalized three parked cars Wednesday in the West Village apartment area.
Someone broke a car window and stole two bags from the West Village resident’s vehicle. Two other cars had their window broken or forced open, but all the property within the cars seems to be accounted for, according to U Police.
In what U Police refer to as “fishing expeditions,” car burglars usually hit a lot of cars at once in one night looking for whatever technology they can find inside without knowing beforehand that they’ll walk away with anything, a possible explanation for why cars without any valuables missing were vandalized.

A Real Racket
Three students reported to the U Police that someone had stolen wallets during racquetball class in the HPER East building on Monday.