Screening to highlight best work from film department

By By Evan Frank

By Evan Frank

After years of hard work and putting so much time into a project, it can certainly be rewarding to see the finished product. This Friday is the time when students who are enrolled in, or have recently completed their master’s degrees in film production get to show off their finished work.

“It gives an opportunity for the work to be screened before our grads send their films out to the festival circuit,” said Sara Pickett, who handles the marketing in the film division.
Most of the students will be screening two films each. The films feature a range of different stories.

“Heels over Head” focuses on Clarence, an obsessive recycler who dives into a dumpster to help his cause. While on a journey of attempting to rescue a discarded computer monitor, Clarence meets Jade, who soon gives him a new outlook on how to stay sustainable.

“It Comes and It Goes” is a short film telling the story of two travelers forced into each other’s company and the adventures that ensue.

“Cover” explores human needs such as love, personal absolution and closure.
In the film “Onions,” the director uses the vegetable as a symbol and talks about relationships between a couple.

Several other films will be featured during the show as well.

“This is really our show that highlights the best work that comes out of the division,” Pickett said. “It is usually more edgy, or shot in an innovative way, or covers a progressive topic.”

The event will be held at the Post Theatre. Recently renovated, the theater seats 250 and has state-of-the-art audio and video.

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