Crime Briefs

By By Compiled by Michael McFall

By Compiled by Michael McFall

Chemical scare

Two U security guards were inspecting the Eyring Building on Friday night when they noticed the door to the heating and air conditioning room was still open. They found nothing suspicious other than a strange odor. But soon after, their eyes started to burn.

Salt Lake City Fire Department crews arrived in hazmat suits to discover that the heating and air conditioning system had spilled a chemical called glycol.

The guards were unharmed. Glycol is an irritant and is not lethal. Hazmat crews cleaned up the chemical.

Signs of Satan

As a Chartwells employee was leaving work Friday night, it was discovered that someone had taped torn-out notebook papers all over the first floor of the Union. They were covered with threats such as “you will burn in Hell” and “you’re all going to die,” written in black marker, according to the Union staff. The signs also specifically threatened a woman named Sylvia and mentioned both Satan and Jesus, staff said.

The U Police Department arrived and took down the signs after inspecting the building. Union security cameras caught a man on tape putting up the signs, but his identity remains unknown, and the images have not been released.

Bottle bombs

On Tuesday, students in the Residence Halls reported hearing a loud blast in the area. Resident advisers went outside to investigate, and there was a second blast. The advisers saw a large group of people running from the area of the blast. Then they heard a third blast.

Witnesses say they saw a group of students putting plastic bottle bombs on Fort Douglas Boulevard, according to U Police. Several of them were caught and referred to the school for disciplinary measures. They did not damage any property.

Police are still attempting to locate others who where involved.