Strange notes turn into vandalism

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By Michael McFall, News Editor

Someone vandalized the stairwells in the plaza on the east side of the Marriott Library sometime during the weekend.

A list of names8212;Silvia, Conn, Gill, Julio-a8212;and random words8212;Valid, Nov. 2009, USA Today CE8212;were written in black on the metal door of the stairwell. There was also a piece of notebook paper taped to the door with seemingly random phrases written all over it, including “eternal salvation and retrieval,” “fire away,” “body and soul” and “Burn at Silvia Conn Residence.”

Below all that was an address8212;446 East Broadway #198212;the apartment of a mentally ill woman named Silvia Gill. Dave Woolley, co-manager of the 446 East Broadway apartment building, said Gill leaves signs around the building that sound very similar to both Monday’s vandalism and an earlier incident.

A Chartwells employee was leaving work the evening of Nov. 20 and discovered that someone had taped torn-out notebook papers throughout the first floor of the Union. They were covered with threats written in black marker, including “you will burn in Hell” and “you’re all going to die,” according to the Union staff. The signs also specifically mentioned a woman named Silvia, as well as Satan and Jesus, staff said.

Woolley said Gill has been causing problems since she moved in three months ago. But he’s technically powerless to remove her from the building, because it would be discrimination against her on the basis of her mental condition. As long as she pays the rent, she stays, unless someone files a complaint against her, Woolley said.

The U Police Department took down the sign in the Library Plaza and those posted in the Union two weeks ago after inspecting the building. Union security cameras caught someone on tape putting up the first signs, but the person’s identity remains unknown, and they have not released the images.

Gill could not be reached for comment.

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Tyler Cobb

The stairwell on Library Plaza was vandalized during the weekend. Signs with similar content were posted around the Union last week but the person responsible for it has yet to be identified.