Atlas Genius to showcase talent alongside Imagine Dragons in SLC

Australia’s Atlas Genius, an electric pop group, is set to open for Imagine Dragons at The Complex on Friday night. Photo Courtesy Frank Maddocks
Australia’s Atlas Genius, an electric pop group, is set to open for Imagine Dragons at The Complex on Friday night.
Photo Courtesy Frank Maddocks

From their wistful pop melodies to their contagious, sweeping vocals, Australia’s Atlas Genius is an electric pop fan’s dream.
The quartet of talented musicians is set to open for the runaway success, Imagine Dragons, at The Complex on Friday, and it is hard to envision a more appropriate pairing.
Imagine Dragons has dominantly established itself in the indie rock scene over the course of the last two years — its popularity climaxing with the release of the album “Night Visions” in 2012. But those who have kept their ears finely tuned to the indie rock community are sure to have noticed the up-and-coming Atlas Genius.
With an addictive combination of melodic synth, wonderfully balanced bass, vibrantly pulsing drum tracks and soaring vocals, the ensemble’s pop influences are undeniably catchy and infused with an unbelievable, irresistible lightheartedness. A combination of guitar and bass-heavy choruses and well-honed lyrical progressions, Atlas Genius’ music is more than just another entry in the ever-growing indie rock scene.
Some might be familiar with the group’s 2011-2012 single “Trojans,” but with Feb. 19 marking the release of their first full-length album, “When It Was Now,” Atlas Genius looks to be taking their first real steps toward a wider fan base.
Like many bands before them, Atlas Genius started out as little more than a group of friends and family who loved to play music together. The group was so determined to see their musical dreams become a reality that they began building a studio in which to develop their music three years before the band even began to perform together under the name Atlas Genius.
Years of playing covers at local venues in their hometown of Adelaide, Australia, while at the same time building a studio by hand and writing their own music, led to the development of some truly remarkable tunes — the first of which was the exceptionally appealing “Trojans.”
When “Trojans” exploded in popularity — shifting from a single heard only by music aficionados and bloggers to a hit single that received heavy radio rotation — Atlas Genius vocalist and lead guitarist, Keith Jeffery, knew the band was onto something special.
Since then, Atlas Genius has released a debut EP as well as a full-length album, both of which led to U.S. tours. While the band’s current tour promoting “When It Was Now” might not be the band’s first U.S. tour, it has the potential to be their biggest. Having toured across the nation for the last five months, their show with Imagine Dragons in Salt Lake City has already sold out.
Although some will mourn the missed opportunity to see the band live, there might be hope yet, as the band plans to return May 29 at Kilby Court, albeit without the wonderfully complementary music of Imagine Dragons.
While many might attend the concert purely out of interest in Imagine Dragons, they could be surprised by the sheer level of talent and musical complexity on display when the opening act Atlas Genius takes the stage. Doors open for the concert at 7 p.m.