Football: NFL scouts seek out best Utah has to offer

Scouts and coaches clock Utes defensive end Trevor Reiley in a sprint at Utah Pro Day on Wednesday. Karina Puikkonen / The Daily Utah Chronicle
Scouts and coaches clock Utes defensive end Trevor Reiley in a sprint at Utah Pro Day on Wednesday.
Karina Puikkonen / The Daily Utah Chronicle

Lotulelei puts questions of his health to rest
The biggest question for NFL scouts and coaches coming into the Utah Pro Day on Wednesday was the health of All-American defensive tackle Star Lotulelei.
Lotulelei went to February’s NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis with other top NFL prospects from across the country only to be sent back early. A medical test showed that his heart was only pumping at 44 percent. The average is between 55 and 70 percent.
“I was very shocked,” Lotulelei said. “I was disappointed. I wanted to go out there and work out with the best of the best, but you know, everything happens for a reason.”
The first-round draft prospect said he sought a second opinion when he returned to Utah and was examined by doctors at University Hospital. They told him everything was fine and that a possible virus was the cause of the heart abnormality.
“They said my tests that they had already looked better than what they saw when I was at the combine,” Lotulelei said. “Everything’s fine now.”
Lotulelei’s performance in Wednesday’s drills certainly supported that notion. The South Jordan native proved his strength and ability by repping 38 bench presses at 225 pounds to go along with a 30-inch vertical leap and a 4.65 time in the shuttle. Whatever doubts people had about his condition were largely put to rest.
“I feel pretty good with the drills and everything,” said the 6-foot-4-inch, 314-pound defensive lineman. “I think I showed I can move around very well for a big guy.”
Dunn showcases speed
Lotulelei wasn’t the only one who impressed scouts on Wednesday. All-American kick returner Reggie Dunn came into the Pro Day with a chip on his shoulder. Dunn didn’t receive an invitation to the Combine despite his record-setting five career 100-yard kickoff returns, four of which came in the 2012 season. He has been waiting patiently for this day to show his skill.
“I was nervous,” Dunn said. “But once we got out there and strapped our cleats on, it just turned back into football. It’s what we do all the time.”
Dunn raised quite a few eyebrows with 4.22 and 4.26 40-yard dash times. His first time would have been the fastest among wide receivers at the Combine had he gone.
“That was the fastest 40 I ever ran in my life,” Dunn said. “I’m satisfied.”
Krugers have rare opportunity
With their brother and Super Bowl champion Paul present, David and Joe Kruger were right behind Lotulelei in all the drills on Wednesday and both performed well. For Kruger, the rare opportunity he had to showcase his talents with his brother was particularly special.
“There is nobody that gets to do that,” Kruger said. “It’s been a blessing my whole life being with David and working out with him. It’s been awesome.”
Kruger surprised many when he declared for the draft after his junior year last season. He feels he has shown he is ready for the next level.
“I showed that I am a mature player,” he said. “I talked with a lot of [scouts], and I am ready to learn a new defense and become a better player. I have just an upside.”