OUR_Ep.11_Nurf guns and zombies

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Johnny McKeon starts out the show discussing his distaste for all things Wal-Mart. The conversation covers all aspects from the lack of inventory, irate shelf-stockers, self-checkout, and carts being stolen at redbox, Johnny debates that the consequence of self-checkout machines has lead Wal-Mart to consider hiring customers to be delivery drivers.
walmart self checkout
Sascha Blume questions the thinking behind a Napa valley campus ban on Nerf guns for a game of tag between humans and zombies. Johnny questions the maturity behind playing with Nerf guns and Sascha makes an awesome point about adults needing to play with Nerf guns. Johnny and Sascha wonder if the University of Utah midnight zombie tag would be enhanced by Nerf Guns.
zombie nerf gun
Johnny informs Sascha about two middle school students that are being charged for poisoning a teacher with hand sanitizer. Johnny wonders if hand sanitizer will be banned in school.
Sascha has some tech news including Google refusing the use of the verb, “google” to mean searching any search engine other than their own search engine. Johnny gets excited of FX’s announcement about creating another channel specifically for Comedy.
Sascha is shocked by the announcement of a death of a contestant of France’s version of Survivor. Johnny explains to Sascha the story behind Jay Leno’s departure from the Tonight Show. Sascha and Johnny talk about the generational difference between reading newspapers and reading news on the web.
The boys close out their show with fellow classmate and Boxer, Ernesto Flores. Sascha Blume talks to Ernesto about working in Latino media markets. Ernesto talks about how he got into the University of Utah and elaborates on the sport of Boxing. Ernesto has been boxing for over 18 years and talks about the impact that Boxing has had on his life. Johnny and Ernesto talk about their favorite fighters and why Ernesto started boxing in the first place.
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